Rubber Precision Slend Metal Housing Divini-Desingn

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Convenience and functionality go hand in hand with the Slendy SEED Plus eraser, a classic cult tool.

It is a stainless steel case available in various colors with a Seed eraser inside. The case has a convenient clip so you always have it close at hand.

This eraser is very slim in size with a small tip that glides effortlessly across the paper to erase small mistakes in great detail but still holds on tightly so it's not easy to break.

A slide button and stopper allow you to dispense the eraser just like you would a mechanical pencil, keeping it neat and clean.

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Body material: stainless steel.

Loading precision Seed eraser.

Includes clip.

Full size: 10.2cm x 1.1cm

Tip size: 6mm x 2mm

Weight: 10 grams

Goma de Borrar Precisión Slend. Divini-Desingn IM SEED

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