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Transparent compact umbrella cat made of POE, will allow you to enjoy the view while being perfectly protected.

This umbrella is made with 6 fiberglass ribs. It is a material known for its strength that allows the umbrella to be wind resistant and can return to its original shape without breaking when the umbrella is turned upside down in a gust of wind.

This umbrella will give you style in any circumstance since it is practical and fashionable. With its diameter of 98 cm it will comfortably cover you from head to shoulders. On the other hand, it measures only 30 cm when closed. It is the perfect size to keep in your bag, it has a convenient automatic opening system to open.

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The fabric of this transparent POE umbrella offers perfect visibility: carrying a bell-shaped umbrella is no longer synonymous with danger. Plus, rainy days become much happier when you see the drops falling. You can cover yourself up to your shoulders thanks to its bell shape without running the risk of disturbing other passers-by. Additionally, bell-shaped umbrellas withstand the strongest winds and are very difficult to flip over.

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