Lápices - Blackwing - Vol57- Basquiat - Palomino

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The limited edition Blackwing vol 57 pencil is a reference to 57 Great Jones Street in New York City, where Basquiat created some of his best-known works. Soft graphite (4B equivalent) is perfect for drawing.

Michel Basquiat is considered one of the most important artists of the 20th century. His works are bold and raw through a bold sense of color and composition, maintaining a fine balance between seemingly contradictory forces such as control and spontaneity, menace and ingenuity, urban images and primitivism.

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1 Blackwing pencil vol 57

The pencils have a Japanese graphite core, covered by Californian incense cedar wood; This protects the lead and offers the perfect hardness to provide easy and uniform sharpening. The back ferrule includes a clip that holds the eraser. The ferrule design prevents pencils from rolling on the table, making them easier to use. The eraser is removable by pressure (replacements available) and does not stain when erased. The pencils have an etched lacquer exterior finish. On the side of the pencil you can see the Blackwing logo mark printed in gold.

Hardness: Balanced – 4B

White eraser


Height: 18mm

Length: 214mm

Width: 64mm

Weight: 10g

Lápices - Blackwing - Vol57- Basquiat - Palomino

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