Cubierta - Notebook - GugimFolio A5- Green Orange

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GugimFolio is a Hanji notebook organizer made from crumpled paper called Gugim Hanji produced by artisans in Jeonju, located in the west of South Korea, these notebooks are handmade.

Gugim is a traditional Korean technique of hand-crinkling paper using two layers of wet Hanji, developed to make the paper much stronger and more flexible than ordinary Hanji, creating a unique texture and depth of the paper.

Each cover is artfully made and hand painted.

Each cover comes with an Edge notebook inside, 128-page hand-bound FCS paper, recommended for drawing, painting, writing, using with oil or water-soluble pen or fountain pen.

You can see it in our Moslo store in Santiago de Compostela.

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Gugim Hanji Cover

Hand made.

Hand painted and bound.

Water and UV resistant

Not toxic

Premium Korean paper

acid free

Environmentally friendly

FSC certified paper

Premium Fountain Pen Compatible Notebook

Pages: 128 pages.

Inside: 105gsm premium white paper

Size: 148x210mm (A5)

Sewing binding

hand tied

Recommended for: Drawing, painting, writing, use with oil or water-soluble pen, fountain pen.

Cubierta - Notebook - GugimFolio A5- Green Orange

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