Libro - Diseño de Producto - Alex Milton Paul Rodgers

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This book covers the wide range of activities involved in creating a new product—from concept design to manufacturing, from prototyping to marketing—and explores the various facets of design, not forgetting new activities and emerging practices in the profession. The broad overview of influential movements and personalities, as well as examples of work by leading designers, encourage the reader to challenge convention and approach design from exciting new perspectives. This title brings together numerous color illustrations, interviews and case studies divided into these chapters: historical and cultural context, research, brief and specifications, design concept, from the factory to the market...

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Diseño de Producto - Alex Milton Paul Rodgers

Year: 2020

Spanish Language

Binding: rustic

Size: 21.50 x 25.60 cm.

Pages: 240

ISBN/EAN: 9788417412630

Diseño de Producto - Alex Milton Paul Rodgers

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