Bolígrafo – Bullet Ballpoint Pen Light – Penco (9,3 cm)

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The Penco Classic Bullet Pen is made of high quality solid brass. This new retro version is very light (it only weighs 8 grams), a classic design but one that will impress everyone.

The Bullet Pen is designed to be comfortable to grip and to always carry with you. Its design, made 100% in Japan.

Her CARACTERISTICS. It has a 0.7mm tip and can be used with refills, meaning you can refill it and keep using it forever.

You can see it in our Moslo store in Santiago de Compostela.

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Penco's Classic Bullet Pen

Size: 9.3 x 1.3cm

Material: Colorful ABS plastic

Ink Color: 0.7 point with oil-based black ink

Origin: Japan - Fukuoka

Bolígrafo – Bullet Ballpoint Pen Light – Penco (9,3 cm)

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