Visual Thinking - un libro de - Willemien Brand - Editorial GG

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How to harness visual collaboration to empower people and organizations.

A book by Willemien Brand

Increasingly, visual communication is gaining importance in the work environment. The speed of change, technological advances and the evolution of new consumer habits have created a context in which it is crucial for companies to gain agility and efficiency.

Visual thinking is a set of visual techniques that allow us to synthesize, capture and share information in an impressive and effective way and that, when put into practice, improve the speed and creativity of teams.

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This book provides you with the tools you need to lose your fear of drawing and express yourself visually, as well as the resources and basic skills that will allow you to integrate visual storytelling into your work environment.

Editorial GG.

Technical description of the book:

Translation: Dario Gimenez Imirizaldu

7.5" x 9"

144 pages


ISBN/EAN: 9788425234231



Visual Thinking - un libro de - Willemien Brand - Editorial GG

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