Pluma estilográfica - Lamy Safari - Moslo

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LAMY SAFARI fountain pen in our Moslo store you can see them, they come in different bright or opaque colors. The body of the Lamy Safari fountain pen is made of plastic with an ergonomic grip.

The polished stainless steel nib or tip is size M, we have different bridges in Moslo if you want to change for an F (FINE) or EF (exetra fine).

The body of the Lamy pen has a hole so that you can see the amount of ink left in the cartridge.

Lamy's SAFARI pen is very comfortable and easy to use since its ink flow is continuous and it weighs little. In addition to cartridges, fountain pen inks can be used using the converter.

You can see them in our store Moslo de Santiago de Compostela 

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Lamy Safari fountain pen.

Rigid plastic body with ergonomic grip.

Weight 16 grams.

Polished steel tip or nib size M.

Pluma estilográfica - Lamy Safari - Moslo

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