Blackwing - Blue - Edición Limitada

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Blackwing pencils are exceptional, both for their elegant finish and for their high-quality graphite.

They are longer than normal, which together with their composition make them very durable.

They have a RUBBER that you can replace when you run out and that is held by a clip that allows you to extend it as it wears out without fear of losing it.

Blackwing blue is a new special edition volume, its body is bright orange with white rubber. Letters and eraser holder in gold. Graphite is of extra firm hardness, approximately one HB. Do not stay without this edition.

You can see and try them in our store in Santiago de Compostela.

Blackwing orange Limited Edition.

Blackwing pencils were preferred by the most award-winning creators throughout the 20th century, not only in drawing but in many creative areas. They were discontinued in the 1990s, reaching exorbitant amounts for a single pencil. In the early 2000s they were made again thanks to access to the best wood and graphite manufacturers.

Lápiz Blackwing - Blue - Edición Limitada

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