Lápiz - Blackwing 602 - Edición limitada

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EL Blacking 602 is an extraordinary pencil with a reissue of the legendary 1930 pencil.

Made in Japan with Cedar wood imported from California and Japanese graphite mine that provides a unique glide on paper, with hardly any pressure you get faster writing while maintaining a perfect line. The iconic design of its aluminum ferrule with refillable eraser.

Blackwing 602 pencils were originally introduced by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company in the 1930s. Its cult following included John Steinbeck, Vladimir Nabokov, Truman Capote, Chuck Jones, who proudly used the Blackwing 602 to create Bugs Bunny, and many others. other Looney Tunes characters. I declare that a pen is full of ink, but Blackwing is full of ideas.

Lápiz - Blackwing 602 - Edición limitada

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