Book - La Marca Compostela - Alberto Rodríguez Pérez

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This book borns  from ‘La marca Compostela’ project which started in 2008 and it’s a recompilation of more than a hundred and ten symbols extracted from logos, posters, images of congresses, comercial event, advertisement, lettering…that they use or used the scallop (called vieira in Galicia), emblem from Camino del Apostol and undisputed link with Galicia and its capital, Santiago de Compostela.


Alberto R. Rodríguez Pérez arrived in Galicia, his parents land, from his native Montevideo in 2001 with a huge experience in the graphic arts world. His education was wide, understanding advertising drawing, graphic and interior design, book edition. His har work manifested since his first job and he has never stopped making bigger his knowledge and creativity. There is not too much he can’t tackle. From the other side of the ocean he created products and brands with all the graphic work this entails; photography, leaflets, advertisement… and he was also newspaper and digital press layout designer. In Galicia he has more than two hundred publications, many congress images from USC campaigns, institutional publicity and more. From not long ago, with proffesionalism, humor and amazing treat he assess and imparts courses.

One of the projects is La Marca Compostela.

Says Alberto, person with a constant and extreme curiosity, he had this idea not long after he arrived in Santiago de Compostela when this idea  of recompilation and analysis emerged. This professional got interested on a symbol that all of us, paying just a little bit of attention we could realise how much this repeats in our everyday environment and once observed we can see how many more nuances has. More than we could think.

Vieira: Galicia, Camino De Santiago. However it’s amazing the amount of turn arounds it can be given to this symbol and the amount of points of view there are, without forgetting the main thing: the particular interest for many designers and drawers that this original, systematic and exhaustive analysis from Alberto R Rodriguez Perez could have.

Pages: 128

Measure: 14x18cm

Editorial: Asociación cultural Rocamadour

Language: Spanish

Soft cover

ISBN: 978-84-941488-5-9

Year of edition: 2021

Libro - La Marca Compostela - Alberto Rodríguez Pérez

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