Lápices negro - BLAKWING MATTE

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Blackwing Matte palomino pencil. This is the softest Blackwing brand pencil equivalent to a 4B. It has a very elegant design, with a matt black body that matches the rubber, and the stamped letters and the metal grip in gold. It is perfect for drawing. IT IS ONE OF THE 4 PERMANENT EDITIONS OF BLACKWING.

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Model: Matte, black with a matte finish.

Hexagonal shape for comfortable typing.

Graphite Hardness: Soft.

Material: California incense cedar and Japanese graphite core.

Cap: Gold with black rubber in natural with gray rubber.

Measurements: height 18mm - length 214mm - width 64mm.

Lápiz negro. BLAKWING MATTE 105329

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